Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Deadlines & Important Dates
Put These in Your Calendar for Success!

All registration steps must be completed by January 7. Check email frequently for contest updates and important deadlines.

December 13 - January 2 Sign Up Opens For Early Bird Notifications Contest alerts, special events, & early inspo.
January 3 - January 7 Official Registration Is Open
Throughout Contest Check Email Important Notifications & inspo!
On Your 45th Day 1. Go back to
2. Enter your username and password
3. Refer back to FAQ for photo/video requirements
4. Take after photos and record video
5. Submit final pictures, video, and answer questions before your final grace period day ends (refer to next chart)
February Judging Starts
March Winners Announced!

How Do I Enter?

Visit to enter the competition. Registration is officially open January 3 - January 7, 2018.
When you complete all steps of registration, your 45 days begin!
You will receive a receipt email and confirmation. Based upon when you enter, there may be up to a 24 hour lag in confirmation emails (hello, weekend!).
If you do not receive notification of your registration within 2 days, please email:

How do I pay & register?

From January 3 - January 7, 2018, you may fully register to enter, here:
Full registration to enter includes:

  • 1. Creating a new user account.
  • 2. Answering the short intro survey.
  • 3. Uploading beginning pictures.
  • 4. Providing payment.
Important Note: On January 7th, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (your local time zone), registration closes. All materials must be submitted in their entirety to enter the contest before that time.
The registration link will be posted via email for current members and the Facebook and Instagram main pages for the public.
If you’d like a special notification when registration opens, get on the Early Bird List,

What are the prizes?

Members rave about the 45 Day Transformation Contest because of how much it personally and positively impacts their lives. The prizes are pretty sweet too!

  • Grand Prize: $20,000
  • 2nd Place: $3,000
  • 3rd Place: $1,000
  • 4th - 7th Place: $250 each

Is there a Fee to enter?

Yes, but it's only $10 for the chance to transform your life and possibly win $20K!

Photo/Video Requirements


  • 1. 3 picture angles are required.
    • a. Front Facing, Straight on Full Body
    • b. Side Facing, Straight on Full Body
    • c. Back of Body, Straight on Full Body
  • 2. Newspaper MUST be taped on wall. Please do not hold newspaper in hand. No need for date to be visible to the eye. We will verify authenticity. Before photos must be taken on the date of your registration with the current day’s newspaper. No substitution for the newspaper will be accepted. Please tape the front page of the paper on the wall beside you.
  • 3. Please wear form fitting clothes. We need to be able to see your body.
    • a. Women - A sports bra, workout shorts, a two piece bathing suit, or similar clothing to show your body shape.
    • b. Men - Remove shirt completely and wear form tting shorts.
  • 4. Please wear similar clothing in both the before/after photos so we are able to make an easy comparison. Wear same attire, if possible. Please make sure to keep your bottom attire below the waistline.
  • 5. NO LOGO is required to show in the photos or video. Showing the logo is optional.
  • 6. Must wear iLKB Gloves or iLKB Handwraps though. Don’t worry, if the iLKB logo is not visible, we know our wraps and gloves when we see them!
  • 7. Pictures must be well lit on PLAIN background. Please make sure you do not blend into the background. (Example: No black shorts with black background.) White background is recommended.
  • 8. NO filters, retouching, or altering the photos or videos in any way.
  • 9. NO sort of collage or pic stitch allowed.
  • 10. After photos MUST be taken on your 45th day following same requirements as above. (Refer to chart under FAQ #6 below for your 45th day and grace period.)
  • 1. A video is only required at the end of the contest and MUST be taken and uploaded before your final grace period day end. (Refer to FAQ #6 for your grace period date.)
  • 2. Video should be no more than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • 3. Max size should be 50 MB. Please double check.
  • 4. We want to see your highlight reel! Think personalized commercial, or even a montage video to show us your transformation stu .
  • 5. Some key point to mention to make your video really pop might include:
    • a. Why you started your fitness journey.
    • b. What motivates you to keep going.
    • c. What you did when you felt like giving up...but pushed through instead!
    • d. Surprising support system that popped up.
    • e. Big Lifestyle Changes! (Couldn’t get pregnant before but now you can? Couldn’t fit in an airplane seat before and now you can? Felt weak before but now you feel stronger than ever???)
  • 6. Video MUST be taken and uploaded before your final grace period day end. (Refer to FAQ #6 for your grace period date.)

How do I know when my 45 days are up?

Believe us, you’ll know! You’ll receive an email with all the juicy details on your final submission - such as where, when, and how to submit your final pics and video for that 'tug-at-the-judges-heartstrings' stand out factor

PLUS once you enter and sign up for the super motivating, uber exclusive Facebook Closed Group, you’ll get notifications and hear from your support team at Headquarters all the time.

All contestants will have a 3 day grace period to submit/upload your photos and video to your profile in case you run into any technical issues when submitting.

Who can compete?

At ILKB, we like to get perky! And some of the perks of Full Membership are insane prizes and fun contests, like this one!

Not a member yet? Register here for your super-low web special and details on becoming a Member. You get 3 amazing classes + FREE gloves for just $19.99 - BUT use promo code: "45DAY" for 50% off in honor of the contest.

Any current full member in good standing may compete for prizes. A minimum of 15 classes at an ILKB studio are required. For detailed information, please head over to the Official Contest Rules page, here.

I just bought a web special, now what?

You are amazing! We’re so proud of you for taking the all important first step towards transforming your life, your outlook, and your left hooks!

Now it’s time to plan your attack! Get together with your local ILKB studio, view the class schedule, and set up your first class. All ILKB instructors have contest information available to discuss with you in person.

Please note: You can REGISTER for the contest while you're still on your 3-class TRIAL. But you can only COMPLETE the contest if you're a full member and still a member by the time winners are announced.

I just bought a web special, but my studio says I cannot get to my first class in time, what do I do?

Enter the contest and bring your contest entry receipt to your studio, they will move you to the front of the waiting list so you can compete, you will be required to sign for a full membership to compete.

Can I get a deadline extension?

Life happens and we understand this. If you have a medical emergency, an unfortunate death in the family, or other tragedy please email so we may discuss your options.

Unless approved by Headquarters due to the above reasons, if you miss the final deadline, your submission will not be accepted. No exceptions.

I’m having issues uploading through your site, what should I do?

Technical issues are frustrating! Especially when so much is at stake. We want to help you out as much as possible. Here’s what you do:

  1. Clear your browser history. Sometimes just by clearing the cache, it will make the site run better.
  2. Switch your browser. We suggest Google Chrome on a Laptop/Desktop computer as it works best with our site.
  3. If the first two steps do not work, please contact
Still need help? When emailing please be as specific as possible regarding the problem you are having. That way we may direct you to the right person. You have a contest to win after all and we want to get you to class and having fun!

How do I win?

You were born to win! But just in case you need a little help, here’s what we need from you.

  1. Have a full ILKB Membership: Not a member yet? Register here at for your super-low web special and details on becoming a Member. You get 3 amazing classes + FREE gloves for just $19.99 - use promo code: "45DAY" for 50% off in honor of the contest
  2. Register: Complete the short start up survey, upload your before pictures and pay your $10 entrance fee.
  3. Attend at least 15 ILKB Classes during the contest period. All classes will be verified by your studio, no honor system - it’s a competition after all! Have a class card but no unlimited membership yet? Don’t sell yourself (or your results!) short - this the perfect time to upgrade to an unlimited membership so you can come to as many classes as possible, to see maximum results, you go-getter.
  4. Upload ending pictures. Make sure to read and meet all requirements to ensure that “W”.
  5. Upload ending video. This is where your personality shines! Make sure to read and meet all contest requirements.
  6. Crush your goals and feel great about your mind-body transformation!

For additional information on becoming a member - if you aren’t on a trial or currently a member: visit our super low priced membership web-special page (complete with FREE gloves!) and talk to your Instructor during your first class about becoming a member.

Why do I need to do a minimum of 15 Classes? Should I do more?

You are required to attend at least 15 classes over the course of the competition. Any classes from Day 1 of your completed registration to Day 45 of the contest count toward your goal.

Classes are counted individually and not by the 24 hour period. So, if you attend 2 classes on any given day... you have attended 2 classes toward your goal.

15 classes seems to be the sweet spot for most Members to create their new fit habits. They get over the hump of trying something new, get into a routine, and really take off! Some members go once a day for the entire competition, while others go 3 days a week!

All classes will be verified with your studio. Please be mindful of your personal limits; do what feels healthiest for you, your lifestyle, and your family. Before making any huge changes to diet and exercise routines, a visit to your doctor is never a bad idea.

What happens to my photos, videos and stories?

All materials entered pertaining to the contest become the property of, for use in promoting the contest, and the ILKB program in general.


Registration is non-refundable unless you have a medical reason. For issues please contact:

FULL-TIME ILOVEKICKBOXING MEMBERS, IN GOOD STANDING, MAY WIN PRIZES. If you are attending classes on a trial basis, or through a Groupon deal, you will get the transformation experience of a lifetime but will not be eligible for the grand prize! Full membership does not include Groupon or web registrations. 15 Classes at an ILKB Studio are required for Members to win. $10 U.S. [(D.C.), US, CA, PE] fee to enter contest, 18+ only to win, 15 class minimum required, all entries must be submitted in their entirety by January 8, 2018, at 3:00 AM EST. Void where prohibited by law. Eligibility for Prizes $10 U.S. [(D.C), US, CA, PE] fee to enter contest, full members eligible to participate may compete in the “45 Day Transformation” contest, 18+ only, 15 class minimum required. Void where prohibited by law. All entries must be submitted in their entirety and in compliance with contest specifications by January 8, 2018, at 3:00 AM EST, to start an official 45 Day Countdown. Furthermore, all final entry requirements at the completion of the 45 Day time period must be submitted in full. Three top prizes will be awarded by ILKB Headquarters (valued around $25,000 USD total). Prizes are awarded at the discretion of ILKB officers and staff. All participants enter and compete at their own risk. Void where prohibited by law. See Frequently Asked Questions for Submission Details and Contest Compliance at: Have a question that wasn’t answered above? Please email your Contest Support Team at: