The 45-Day
ILKB Body Transformation Contest!

Win BIG, shed weight, and totally transform your life! Challenge your waistline while having FUN competing for a $20K Grand Prize + $5K in Additional Prizes.
Details to kick it with us for the September 2017 Round is below!



Yes, I WANT that!

Here's the deal...

This contest is about helping you reach your goals.

The money is a motivator to finally push yourself to achieve the body — and the life — that you truly want.

So read on to get the full scoop, then register ASAP!!

- Your ILKB Family

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An Incredible, Fun, Fulfilling Experience

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The Prizes!
1st Place: $20,000!!!

2nd Place: $3,000
3rd Place: $1,000
4th - 7th Places: $250 / each

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“How are winners chosen?”

We have 3 categories we look for in selecting a winner:

1. Your physical transformation. This is judged by how different you look when the contest ends.

2. Pounds lost. How many pounds you lose is factored in.

3. Your story. We want you to dig deep and give this contest your all. When you do - you’ll transform yourself on the inside, too.

Your inner-transformation is JUST AS IMPORTANT as your outer one.

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Tons of Motivation

Fighting for a chance at the first prize of $20,000 is insanely motivating! While $20,000 cash will feel pretty awesome…

… it’ll also feel awesome to know that YOU did the work it took to get there. It’s all you.

More Growth

Amazing Community & Support

You’ll not only have the support and friendship of your fellow members in your location… you’ll also be connected to thousands of others through our Closed Facebook Group for contestants only.

It’s a truly motivating, inspiring, and supportive place. Friendships and bonds are formed all the time.

Get Ready to Grow.

During the 45-Day Transformation Contest, you’re going to change in profound ways!

No, seriously! Our members are actually blown away by how much they change.

Because amazing things happen on the inside when you start working on your outside - you’ll develop more focus, more drive, and more determination.

These life-changing qualities will help you stay on track for the rest of your life while uncovering hidden strengths you never knew you had.

A lifetime of fit feels with the chance to win major cash? Heck yeah!

You’re gonna love the September 2017 Round.

They did it & you can too!
Check out the Top 3 iLoveKickboxing 45-Day Transformation Contest Winners+

Jim Unis


Saugus, MA

Lost 34 lbs!

Tomar Pinnt


Fort Collins, CO

Lost 26 lbs!

Angel Guay


Nashville, TN

Lost 27 lbs!

+Results vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to acheive and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

When, Where, & How Much



Starts September 11th, 2017



Your local ILKB studio!



Just $10


Your newfound sense of confidence oozing out of you simply by being able to

pay down credit card debt (hey now, past winners!) and reigniting your passion

for life is so worth it.

Because you CAN have all of that we’ve made registration this year super easy.

Seriously. We want you to win - but you have to register first.

Grab your spot in the ILKB 45-Day Transformation Contest so you can:

  • Compete for the $20,000 Grand Prize.

  • Smash goals for a shot at $5,000 in additional PRIZES

  • Snag 50% OFF your first 3 fitness kickboxing classes + FREE gloves

  • Gain exclusive Closed Group Social Media Support

  • Rock Bragging rights for YEARS and a super fit bod

Your shot at greatness begins September 11th so don't delay!

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